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My Story

Hi! My name is Kellie and I suffer from thinning hair! 

Well, when I say I 'suffer', that couldn't be further from the truth!!! I love my hair now.  Its taken a while, a lot of research, some failed attempts and some downright dodgy advice but right now, in the hair stakes I feel like I'm where I want to be! (the rest could sure use some work, but that's another story!!). 


In my spare time I love to do anything that makes me smile!  This includes time with my family and friends, socializing and generally living life to the full.  I am an outgoing, cheerful and optimistic kind of girl who simply loves life!


Around 20 years ago, following quite a long and drawn out illness I was unfortunate enough to lose my hair.  Aside from the illness itself, I can honestly say that this caused me more devastation than I could ever explain.  I have always taken a pride in my appearance, tried to follow the latest trends and made the effort to look as groomed as I can – losing my hair had an enormous impact on me and it also saw me lose my confidence and in some ways, my zest for Life! 


Knowing how that felt - it's my mission to help others!  Losing my hair was devastating. I know how it feels! Being left with thinning hair, especially around the crown is just awful for a woman. I know all the fears around sitting under bright lights, hopeful visits to the salon full of anticipation that they will 'make it look a lot' - never works does it? And holidays in the sun!..... Don't even go there with the burnt scalp! 


I can help!! 


Through years of research, training, good old trial and error and the desire never to give in I have learned a number of techniques that will make you feel amazing again! 


I'm not talking fad lotions and potions that you have to rub in on the hour, every hour. I'm not talking that awful fibre stuff you spray in that resembles boot polish! I'm talking natural looking, affordable hair that will look and feel like your own. In fact, it will feel and look better than your own!  


Message me for a no strings, friendly consultation and make today the day you start to feel like you again!


From small discreet toppers and hair additions, carefully fitted extensions to full on hair integration, we have you covered. And with our extensive range of beautiful, fine quality wigs you'll walk out like a new woman!


We love sharing all about our day to day things, the fun we have and the lives we are changing. Grab a cuppa and read our blog!


We don't just 'do nails', we are all about nail rehab. We work with you to offer the best products and techniques to enhance the the quality of your own nails that will last and last.


We can't wait to hear from you. Leave us a message on here, of if you want a more instant response why not Whatsapp us on

01708 456175 and we will be happy to help.

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Get in touch today and start your journey to new hair!

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