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Is this a wig shop?

Updated: Mar 1

Pieces of hair strands on clips
Pieces of hair strands on clips

One thing I have heard quite a few times since opening the doors of my lovely salon is "oh is this a wig shop". I also get asked quite often if I can do a quick set of foils, or a cut and blow dry but given I don't know my balayage from my ballet shoes (neither are familiar to me!) I certainly have to decline on the hairdressing skills. However, what I have created is that salon feel that I craved myself since losing my hair 20 years ago.

My first ever tentative toe into the world of wigs was one Sunday back in 2001 when I had to admit defeat and acknowledge the fact I was losing my hair. But where to go? This was all new to me! I had spotted a wig shop in my local shopping centre so this seemed the natural first step. Of course, this felt like one of the worst days of my life as I had to face the reality of finding something that would make me feel like me again, although I knew it would never be me really - but off I went. Walking through the doors felt terrifying and I never forget the rows and rows of faceless wigs, perched on top of bodyless heads adorning every edge and corner of the shop. It was overwhelming to say the least. Coupled with this, there was a fair smattering of comedy type wigs - the ones that me and my girls would have a field day wearing on a Butlins themed weekend! Was I in a joke shop, or somewhere I was about to bare my soul (and my balding head), along with my deepest fears about the journey ahead - confusing to say the least. What I didn't see was anything that was 'me'. I was 31 for goodness' sake - I wasn't ready for the blue rinse, set curls or sythentic looking styles they had to offer. But here I was, desperate for some coverage and so my journey began......

I'll share more about this journey in later blogs, but what I wanted to share today is why Bear with the Hair does not look like a wig shop. When I started to shape my plans my ultimate goal was to create a warm and inviting environment with a bit of sparkle and luxury. I wanted to put my mark on it, and anyone that knows me knows I love a bit of glitter! I also wanted to create that salon feel that I have craved for so long - let's face it, there are only so many times you can sit in a traditional hairdressers and ask them to arrange your fine, thinning hair into something similar to Jennifer Aniston (and trust me, I tried!). It's actually a surprise I didn't get barred from my local salons for completely pushing their creative skills to the limits!

So, for all of these reasons and more you will never see a wig on display at Bear with the Hair. I have also designed the shop front to offer an obscure and discreet view inside so you can relax in the knowledge that passers by cannot see in. And for the really hair conscious there is also a completely private consultation room - I know how important this is.

What I can promise you is a pleasant experience, a friendly service and even a nice cuppa while we chat through your issues - but more importantly, your hopes and dreams for the hair that you are craving. I hear all too often how my ladies are nervous to come and meet me, how it has taken them a long time to pluck up the courage but trust me, when they leave we always see a visible difference. In fact, they often bounce off down the street swishing their new 'do' - isn't that what every visit to the salon should feel like? Oh, and hugs are always free at Bear with the Hair - along with our consultation which you will never be asked to pay for.

So yes, I guess it is a wig shop. But it is also a topper shop, a hair extension shop, a hair integration shop ....... I could go on. But above and beyond all else it is the place where you can start to feel good about yourself again. A place where you can have a laugh, a cry, a chat and a place where I hope we can build lasting relationships so you come in again and again, feeling like old friends. Losing hair doesn't have to mean losing yourself - come and see me, I promise I will change your life. Oh, unless it is a fancy dress themed weekend at Butlins of might want to try the shopping centre for that ;-)

Much Love

Bear xx

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Really lovely blog post. I wish you all the success!


Your story is open, informative and empathetic. I am grateful to say I don’t need your services, but if I did I would definitely find the courage to walk through your door after reading this. I wish every success.

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